What is a research partner of the Institute?

INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE / INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA is an independent organisation that acts as a platform for collaboration in the field of public diplomacy.

Our core purpose is to advance public diplomacy, by bringing academics at all stages of their career together from across the world to share ideas, publish research and grow networks.

Our research partners work as equal partners in all our activities to ensure that the research we conduct and support is of the highest quality and based on the pressing needs of public diplomacy community.

What does this role involve?

The role of research partner is varied, and individuals can choose the level of work and time commitment that suits them.

We provide a direct channel of interaction among cultural activists, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics, and others seeking to advance the field of international virtual exchange (internet-based, cross-national communication and collaboration) in the following field:

Science diplomacy

Parliamentary Diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy Economic diplomacy

Cyber diplomacy

Health diplomacy Municipal diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy

Environmental diplomacy

Energy diplomacy Sports diplomacy

Water diplomacy

Inclusive policy via Public Diplomacy.

Examples of activities that our partners are currently involved in include:

Working as a member of one of our research groups.

Contributing to the development of our co-creation strategy.

Reviewing proposals and helping us decide which to select.

Supporting researchers and partners to involve people in research.

Helping us to monitor the progress of our projects.

Why might you become a research partner?

You will be helping to ensure that all our research activities are rooted in the needs of public diplomacy.

What support would I receive?

To support our partners and ensure high quality involvement, we are committed to a package of support which is outlined below.

Research and wider volunteer opportunities - There will be many opportunities throughout the year for you to put your skills and experiences to good use. You may decide to just volunteer in research or you might take advantage of other opportunities.

We want to build an enduring relationship with you. You can develop in the role and if you want to, move on to new opportunities that build on your experiences and interests.

Induction and development – when you join us you will be introduced to our research and the volunteer role.

Representation – we have a small advisory group which brings together representatives of the volunteers and the Members to monitor our activities, plan for the future and manage volunteer suggestions and issues. We are keen to listen to our volunteers and ensure you have a consistent and worthwhile experience with us.

How to get involved?

Fill out the form as the first step to apply for partnership.

To find out more about becoming a research partner, contact us at info@institut.uk