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Professional members

INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE is an independent organisation that acts as a platform for collaboration in the field of public diplomacy with a particular focus on countries with limited economic resources.

Currently, we are a collective project supported by over 306  scientists (Doctor/Ph.D. members of the Institute), 557 experts and professionals (Professional members), 903 observers.

As of 1st  January 2022, Institut de diplomatie publique has 557 Professional members- analysts, academics, public diplomats, NGO activists from all over the globe.

Institut de diplomatie publique prides its members and welcomes all imaginative and talented people who support public diplomacy with fair and rational actions.​

Despite the fact that the Institute is legally incorporated in the UK, for many members and website users, English is not a first language, so we created a space where scientists and professionals can talk about science in an inclusive way that does not exclude non-English speakers. 

Membership Directory

If you think you should be on this list we’d love to hear from you.

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We are always interested in connecting with professionals in the field.

How to get involved?

The Institut focuses on digital contribution and collaboration covering key global transformations.

The Institute relies on our members to govern the organisation, plan its long-term strategy and enable the Institute to operate as the professional body for public diplomats.

Our members develop and maintain our curriculum, design and deliver examinations, audit our CPD, support our training courses, and in many more ways help us deliver on our statutory duties.

Members are encouraged to share their own research and analysis, organize around specific discussions or initiatives, and engage with existing projects, events and research.

Volunteering options:




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