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This platform is an integral part of our commitment to a collaborative and transparent world of research where our members, observers, authors, researchers, NGOs, and other institutions can share knowledge in the field of public diplomacy and build on each other's work to advance outcomes.

After filling out your own workspace, we will upgrade its status and add advanced features to help you organize your new workspace.

We’re constantly working on making a better tool for our common teamwork.

This page contains a series of policies that we ask our members s to read and consider before submitting texts, photos, or videos.

Aims and scope is an open-access platform for descriptions of scientifically valuable debates, and research that advances the sharing of scientific data in the field of public diplomacy.

We aim to promote wider data sharing and to credit those that share.

Sharing and promoting your personal webpage and articles form an important part of our common work, in terms of fostering the exchange of scientific information in the field of public diplomacy and allowing you to contribute to scientific progress, also makes you more visible in the field.

Share Link

To help you reach more readers, send a Share Link when your webpage or article is published to social media.

Readers who click on the Share Link will be taken directly to your article, with no sign up or registration required.

Reach New Audiences

Reaching new audiences is critical to growing your webpage ( new audience means new growth).

Your articles increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Not only does reaching a new audience drive awareness, but it can also drive SEO. If you add a relevant link back to your website, especially if it’s within the article itself, you should see a nice flow of traffic from the publication to your own blog.

Each of these clicks helps your website’s overall search engine optimization and can help people find your blog when they head to Google.

If you want to use someone else's work on your page, you often need to get permission from the author. Please avoid legal trouble when using other's work on your page.

Remove Unauthorized Material

If someone complains that you are using material on your website without proper authorization, you should immediately remove that material. Even if you believe the use is legal, remove the material while you investigate the claim and, if necessary, talk to a lawyer.

An example of the profile.

Dr. Name

Ph.D. in International Relations

University of New York, USA, 2016.


Division Economic Diplomacy

Personal Website:

Research interests:

Short Professional Bio


Video Record.

A video presentation is a form of multimedia presentation with a duration of several seconds that presents the member of our public diplomacy community.



Lessons or lectures which present educational material.

The format may vary. It might be a video, photographs, tests, and text about the topic or some mixture of these.


Publications (LINKS)




Dr. Name Surname

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