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Education Diplomacy

Education Diplomacy uses the skills of diplomacy to promote effective cooperation across sectors and among diverse actors to solve education challenges and advance transformational agendas for education.

Education diplomats use the skills of diplomacy to:
Diagnose an education challenge
Understand the diverse stakeholders involved in an education challenge
Find common ground among different priorities about the role and benefits of education
Shape consensus on solutions to an education challenge
Lead the advancement of transformative agendas for education.
Education Diplomacy recognizes the expanding participation of individuals and groups in topics of global concern and influencing relationships between nations, across sectors, and among respective stakeholders. Due in large part to greater access to knowledge, information, and technology, participants or “non-state” actors outside of official government diplomatic capacity engage in platforms that improve cooperation, coordination, and collaboration toward advancing common social and economic agendas. In addition, current 21st century challenges require cooperative efforts that are best achieved by acquiring the foundational skills of diplomacy.

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Call for Manuscripts

The Institute invites you to join in the Education Diplomacy effort. We are seeking submissions for a series of papers that explore various definitions of global education diplomacy, and its potential role and significance in education communities for achieving the political and social change necessary to meet the goal of improving education locally while strengthening international relations. 

How to get involved?

Choose the way that is best suited to you.

Share your views!
Submit your contribution via our website. You can share with us:
a good idea that you have
a challenge that you think should be prioritise
Host a conversation!
If you are part of a network, an organisation, an institution, a local movement, a neighbourhood, you can organise a local (virtual) event with us.
Apply to become a partner!
Organisations and associations that have values and goals similar to the Institut initiative can help us make our voice louder. We want to team up with inspiring networks and organisations that can act as promoters and key interlocutors throughout the initiative. 
Check-out the conditions for partners before applying.


Funding & tender opportunities

The Institut registered in the Participant Register of European Commission

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Horizon Europe

The UN organization has confirmed registration of the INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE/ INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA and the details are now part of the database of potential vendors to the UN organizations. Reg. number 818325.

We are eligible to participate in tender processes with the UN organization.