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Candidate Process


is an independent volunteer-driven membership organization registered in England and Wales under number 12623951, that acts as a global multi-stakeholder partnership in public diplomacy for sustainable development, mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technology and volunteer resources, to support the achievement of sustainable development goals in all countries, in particular developing countries (SDG, 17).

The partnership embraces a growth strategy and ensures full openness to new members by raising awareness among stakeholders and enabling their participation, and by setting out transparent criteria for individuals and external organizations to join the partnership.

The requirements for candidate membership status shall be:

Doctor/PhD members

Professional members

Student members

IPD membership can be:

(1) approved through Candidate Process


(2) awarded based on membership or qualifications from other bodies,


(3) based on relevant prior work experience and competence, without the need to take IPD assessments. We recognise over 50 qualifications.

Membership by exemption provides you with an alternative route to becoming an IPD member.

If you are already a holder of a Ph.D. degree, you don't need to pass our Advanced Test.

Online Candidate Membership Application


Exemption from payment of Membership fees for сandidates

Over two years, the Institute has exempted certain members and organizations of an international character from their financial obligations in defraying the expenses of IPD activities.

In accordance with the Regulation, the Institute may exempt members from payment of membership fees, subject to “reciprocity”.

The “reciprocity” is taken to refer to the mutual and similar benefits that could accrue to both IPD and a member concerned as a result of the latter participating in the relevant activities of IPD.

To fulfill the conditions which lead to such a reciprocal arrangement, the organization concerned shall meet all of the following criteria:

If you have any questions about membership in the Partnership or which category you should apply to, please contact us.

Candidate status may continue for up to one year.

Steps towards joining the partnership

The first step to becoming a Candidate Member is applying to the Institute

Submit your application for assessment to the Institute through the appropriate entry route, and receive approval of that application. We will review your application, and if it meets the Minimum requirements, will refer it to your Membership Committee for registering you as a Candidate member ( membership fee not required).

All candidates are required to complete the Ethics Course and Test.

Receive your first EU digital credentials ( Record of Achievements) from the Institute

ADD VALUE to the partnership: Share your research or analysis, organize around specific discussions or initiatives, engage with existing projects, events or research.

Candidate member approval - Election Process

Diploma of membership


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