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Doctor/Ph.D member- Nevena Nikolaeva Dobreva (Bulgaria)

Nevena Nikolaeva Dobreva

Ph.D. in Applied Cultural Studies

Sofia University, Faculty of Philosophy, Bulgaria (2013-2017)


cultural policy, cultural entrepreneurship, cultural management, cultural and creative industries, new media, the arts, cultural studies


Cultural Entrepreneurship. Contemporary Concepts and Their Implications

in Bulgaria

259 pages, 273 citations in the bibliography

The actuality of the topic is related to the changed conditions, in which cultural organizations are placed. Contemporary challenges have led to the need for greater flexibility and innovation in the work of organizations in culture and the arts. Gradually, throughout Europe, more attention is paid to the role of entrepreneurship for the development of the cultural sector.

The content of the dissertation includes an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion, which consistently address issues such as the challenges of information and communication technologies and their impact on culture; user participation in the creation of cultural content; new business models; the role of cultural entrepreneurship and its implementation in Bulgaria.

The work identifies and analyses the changing conditions resulting from the imposition of new technologies and participatory culture, defines cultural entrepreneurship, enriches the thematic field of Bulgarian science by exploring new business models, organizational forms, added cultural and economic value, copyright laws, art marketing and funding opportunities through the prism of the cultural entrepreneur, and examines the specific conditions of the Bulgarian environment.

The final part presents eleven recommendations for increasing the competitiveness of cultural organizations in the context of the changing socio-economic environment and the opportunities offered by cultural entrepreneurship for the development of culture.


In English

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