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Doctor/PhD Member- Faiza Abdur Rab

Faiza Abdur Rab

Faiza Abdur Rab / Instituto de diplomacia publica

M.Phil. University of Nottingham UK.

Postgraduate training on

Food Industry and Agribusiness University of Wageningen, Netherlands

M.Sc. Microbiology, Department of Microbiology UoK

Selected Projects

A Comparative Study of Immunological Protection Conferred by Certain Antigenic Preparations of Listeria Monocytogene (M.Sc. Thesis)

Fortification of various Cereals with Single Cell Protein and their use as Food Supplement Phenotypic variation in resistance between the individual cells in isogenic populations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (M.Phil Thesis)

Research Publications

Rab, F.A.(2014) Environmentally Modulated Evolution Through Genetic Regulation ISB NEWS REPORT 14 June/July

Rab, F.A.(2015) A Global Perspective on Research Sept Academe Rab, F.A.(2016) Biotechnology its Potential and Challenges EC Agriculture 3.4


Rab, F.A (2010) Solving a biological Problem has been published by VDM Verlag Muller April 7

Fellowships and Awards Award

3rd Prize, National Book Foundation Contest 2008-2009 Government of Pakistan Grant National Institutes of Health (NIH) US Department of Health and Human Services (2004) British Mycological Society (BMS) Berkeley Award (2004)

Scholarship: Full Tuition Fee Scholarship Award under Developing Solutions Scheme by University of Nottingham, UK (2003)

Scholarship: University of Karachi s Overseas PhD Scholarship Award (2003)

Scholarship: Netherlands Fellowship Programme Award (2002)

Scholarship: UNESCO Fellowship

Award (2001) Award: Received an award for out-standing performance from Radio Pakistan Corporation Karachi (1993)

Professional Society Membership

British Mycological Society

Association of British Science Writers

Faiza Abdur Rab


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