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Fear and Contempt towards the Poor (Aporophobia)

1st International Conference on Aporophobia

30- 31 October 2023


Aporophobia is a neologism created by the Spanish philosopher Adela Cortina to describe the 'rejection of the poor'.

IQS, a founding member of Ramon Llull University, has convened the 1st international Congress on aporophobia with the aim of reflecting on this issue and finding solutions to combat it.

Instituto de diplomacia publica

The keynote address was given by Professor Adela Cortina from the University of Valencia, Spain.

We often can see aporophobia when the non-poor expressing indifference, disregard, superiority, contempt, antipathy, aversion, fear and even hate towards the poor.

This conference has two main objectives.

The first is to invite researchers from around the world to explore in-depth issues related to the phenomenon of aporophobia:

What are the main characteristics of aporophobia?

How can we produce reliable indicators of aporophobia?,

What is the exact relationship between aporophobia and other kinds of discrimination?

Should aporophobia be classified as a hate crime as it is done in Spain?

How do people become aporophobic?

Can we classify institutions (schools, hospitals, etc) as aporophobic?

Can we consider some countries more aporophobic than others?

Could companies use aporophobia indicators to monitor what happens to their poorest workers?

The second objective of the conference is to engage also with practical proposals about how to translate the analyses and diagnostics produced by its different sessions into concrete actions to make the world less aporophobic. To this end, proposals are also invited for workshops that explore aporophobia as a real-world problem and that can take place at IQS or in a collaborating institution. On the same line, the conference will conclude with the reading of a ‘manifesto against aporophobia’ elaborated by the institutions that organise this conference.

Weretelnik / institute for public diplomacy

I was very honored to attend 1st International Conference on Aporophobia that allowed me to learn more about aporophobia and explore in-depth issues related to this phenomenon- says O. Weretelnik, Doctor/ PhD member of the Institute.

Rising food costs have a major impact on vulnerable populations, pushing those least able to cope further into poverty.

They must be protected not only from poverty but also from the humiliation and exclusion caused by aporophobia.

Institut de diplomatie publique calls on governments to review their anti-discrimination laws, as well as consider taking action, to ensure the eradication of aporophobia.


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