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Sports Communication and Journalism - Self-Assessment Examination

Identify key areas for improvement, close knowledge gaps and meet the recorded CPD requirements for membership with our Self-Assessment Examinations.

In order to enable members to prepare as best as possible and to allow checking their own state of knowledge, the Institute has launched an online self-assessment exam, which is being launched this year for the first time.

Every Online Self-Assessment Examination consists of 20-30 original exam questions.

When using the Online Self-Assessment Examination, you have the possibility to access the comments and/or literature references for the individual answers.

The sports communication and journalism self-exam will help you check your own state of knowledge in communication, the communication techniques of a journalist, the regulations and structures of sport, ethical principles, fair play and truthfulness and how to obtain and process information.

In addition, you will check your skills necessary to be a good sports journalist and communicator.


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