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Targeted Member and Stakeholder Consultation in the Lead-up to the WBG-IMF Annual Meetings

Targeted stakeholder consultation in the lead-up to the World Bank Group - IMF Annual Meetings 2023.

Opening date: August 25, 2023

Deadline: September 30, 2023

Division: Economic diplomacy, Sustainable Development Diplomacy.

Target audience: Doctor/PhD members, Professional members

Targeted stakeholders: Widest possible range of stakeholders

Upcoming event: World Bank Group - IMF Annual Meetings, October 2023

Person appointed to represent the Institute at the event: Doctor/PhD member O. Weretelnik

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Key themes:

This consultation is directed towards members of the Institute and all stakeholders with an interest in the topic.

Building Resilience

Amid a weakening global economy and elevated uncertainty, policymakers need to build a more resilient future by enhancing social safety nets to protect the most vulnerable, improving governance and accountability, strengthening policy frameworks, and tackling climate change. Food security concerns and the risk of future pandemics add to the urgency of increased effort and collaboration toward building resilient economies.

Securing a Transformational Recovery

Reinvigorating Global Cooperation

Why we are consulting

At the Institute, we understand that effective stakeholder consultation and engagement requires a deep understanding of the public diplomacy audience’s needs, therefore,

Institut de diplomatie publique seeks to gather input from the widest possible range of stakeholders, including Doctor/PhD members, Professional members of the Institute, civil society organisations and partners.

This consultation is a space for the sharing of information to develop and sustain partner relationships, listening to the concerns of members, partners, and observers of the Institute, and preparing for the World Bank Group - IMF Annual Meetings 2023.

At the Institute, we are committed to incorporating diverse perspectives into our projects.

By embracing stakeholder consultation and engagement, we strive to achieve outcomes that balance economic, social and environmental considerations while driving positive change and sustainable development.

Specialized Interests

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Poverty and Inequality

Tech and Innovation

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

Crime and Corruption

Demographics (Youth, Aging, Population Trends)

Digital Finance and Digital Currencies

Gender, Growth and Development

Trade and Globalization

How to submit your contribution

Stakeholders are invited to comment on this consultation by September 30, 2023 at the latest.

Responses should preferably be sent to

Any queries about the public consultation should be sent to this email.

Processing of personal data Specific privacy statement. Contributions may be published on the Internet.


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