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The Institute has been included in the European Union transparency register

ID number in the is: 184017945022-94

The Register is managed by a Secretariat, comprising staff from the European Parliament, European Council and European Commission.

Transparency and the European Union

The EU institutions interact with a wide range of organisations and groups representing specific interests. This is a legitimate and necessary part of the decision-making process, ensuring EU policies reflect society’s real needs.

However, this process must be transparent, to allow for proper public scrutiny and ensure EU institutions are accountable to European citizens.

The more open the process, the easier it is to ensure balanced representation and avoid undue pressure or privileged access to information or decision-makers for certain parties.

This is why the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission have established the Transparency Register – to enact our commitment to openness about the groups and organisations that try to influence the formulation or implementation of EU policy and legislation.

What is the Transparency Register?

The Transparency Register is a database listing ‘interest representatives’ (organisations, associations, groups and self-employed individuals) who carry out activities to influence the EU policy and decision-making process.

It is designed to show what interests are being represented at EU level, by whom and on whose behalf – and the resources devoted to such interest representation activities (including financial support, donations, sponsorship, etc.).

The Institute is open to cooperation and is happy to offer its expertise to all stakeholders in the form of consulting, training, or research.


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