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New Official Partner: New European Bauhaus (EU)

We are happy to announce the new partnership with the European Bauhaus that brings citizens, experts, businesses, and institutions together to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond.

In addition to creating a platform for experimentation and connection, the initiative supports positive change also by providing access to EU funding for beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive projects.

Together we can achieve so much more!

We team up with inspiring networks, associations, and organisations committed to acting as promoters and key interlocutors throughout the New European Bauhaus initiative.

We have committed to support the initiative in the following:

1) gathering a diversity of professionals from across disciplines to generate ideas

2] identifying inspirational projects, practices or concepts

3} engaging with citizens to discuss and collect needs and expectations.

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative, launched by the European Commission in 2020, connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences and expresses the EU’s ambition of creating beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive places, products and ways of living. It promotes new ways of living where sustainability matches style, thus accelerating the green transition in various sectors of our economy and in our societies as well as other areas of our daily life. The aim is to provide all citizens with access to goods that are circular and less carbon-intensive, that support the regeneration of nature and protect biodiversity. The NEB initiative calls on all of us to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. The New European Bauhaus looks at projects, places, practices, and experiences that are:

  • Beautiful: Aesthetically pleasing, but also inspired by art and culture, responding to needs and improving quality of experience beyond functionality.

  • Sustainable, in harmony with nature, the environment, and our planet.

  • Inclusive, encouraging a dialogue across cultures, disciplines, genders and ages.

On 15 September 2021, the Commission published the Communication presenting the concept of the NEB based on the findings from the co-design phase, laying out the next steps for further development of the initiative and proposing a set of targeted actions as well as funding possibilities. The Annex II of the Communication identifies relevant EU initiatives as well as funding instruments to support the financing of local transformation projects.

Having in mind that transformation and experimentation at the local level have always been part of the DNA of Cohesion policy, the Annex II lays down DG REGIO’s commitment to finance a number of highly innovative projects, selected in the first call of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) (hereinafter the call).

The first EUI-IA Call for Proposals will fund projects to deliver tangible, real-life examples of NEB interventions that fully integrate the three NEB core values of sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics to a maximum level of ambition(1) according to the framework proposed in the NEB Compass.

As such, the projects should stem from and be implemented through participatory and trans-disciplinary processes anchored at local level.

The first EUI-IA Call for Proposals will test our ability to convert current urban challenges into opportunities, to address them through integrated solutions, translating the European Green deal into innovative interventions that empower citizens to lead the change towards green and inclusive cities, towns and local communities. By focusing on areas with greatest potential to inspire Cohesion policy, the call will aim at identifying front-runners leading on in the NEB transformation of places and mobilising Cohesion policy programmes at wider scale across all the European Union.

The New European Bauhaus Prizes 2023 are open to applications from the EU Members State.


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