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New Agreement On Partnership Between The Institute And ALDRAP (Nigeria)


signed Agreement on Partnership
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The Partnership agreement is an important step in enhancing closer cooperation between the Institute and ALDRAP and strengthening relations. 


It allows us to increase our international presence with highly respected institutions around the globe.

The director of the Institute de diplomatie publique Dr. O. Weretelnik has affirmed that legal practitioners from Africa and public diplomats are dramatically underrepresented in global institutions.

We should have a far greater voice in global institutions.

”The Institute is proud to be an ALDRAP partner and to work together ” he affirms.

”Soon we'll connect our members with international organisations in ways you haven't even imagined yet and co-create an inclusive, non-discriminatory, non-hierarchical, and adaptable multi-level, inter-sector, multi-stakeholder model for legal practitioners and public diplomats to successfully represent the underrepresented at the global level, including through existing mechanisms, in particular at the United Nations, WBG, IMF, OECD level” he affirms.


Agreement On Partnership





CONSIDERING the importance of the common objectives and values that parties share,

RECOGNIZING that the parties wish to strengthen the links and to

establish partnership and cooperation which would deepen and widen the relations established between parties in particular by the Letter of intent for digital cooperation between parties, signed on 30 November 2021,

BELIEVING that cooperation between parties helps improve our scientific and expert advice to inform and support decision-making in global policy,

DESIROUS of promoting cooperation and seizing every opportunity to be of service to under-represented and under-served communities,


Article 1

A Partnership is hereby established between the INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE, of the one part, and THE ASSOCIATION OF LEGISLATIVE DRAFTERS AND ADVOCACY PRACTITIONERS (ALDRAP), of the other part.

The objectives of this Partnership are:

  • to mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and resources, to create a more equitable society by closing opportunity gaps and breaking down barriers for people from underrepresented or underserved communities through public diplomacy and law programs,

  • to create the necessary conditions for the establishment of self-regulation mechanisms (codes of conduct, certification schemes, common norms and standards).

  • to cooperate for more inclusive, open, non-discriminatory access to science, technology and innovation and enhance knowledge sharing, including through existing mechanisms, in particular at the United Nations level,

  • to support and facilitate the participation of members as stakeholders from different sectors and levels at the global level, including at special events at the United Nations high-level political forum and at global conferences and events organized by the UN, WBG, IMF, OECD.

  • to develop a mechanism of inclusion of legal and public diplomacy practitioners in the discussion of draft normative, legal acts, programs, international agreements and support their involvement as key stakeholders at all levels,

  • to promote the professionalism of legislative drafting and advocacy as a means of improving the quality of legislation,

  • to promote activities of joint interest, develop research materials, publications, tools and provides capacity-building opportunities for members as stakeholders to identify good practices,

  • to strengthen stakeholders’ engagement in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda through through :

Sustainable Development Diplomacy

Diaspora Diplomacy

Science diplomacy

Parliamentary Diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy

Education Diplomacy Economic diplomacy

Cyber diplomacy

Health diplomacy Municipal diplomacy

Humanitarian diplomacy

Environmental diplomacy

Energy diplomacy Sports diplomacy

Water diplomacy

Article 2

Both parties are committed to working together to develop specific agreements on the points above.

Article 3

Both parties agree that each may publish or advertise the existence and nature of activity under this Agreement. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as confidential.

Article 4

Where relevant, stakeholders from the Knowledge/Science institutions and from the Business/Private Sector, will be involved in this process.

Article 5

Both Parties will use reasonable efforts to timely obtain any required permits (regulatory approvals/authorizations), and all activities under this Letter are contingent on obtaining the same and if required, must be obtained prior to the initiation of the pertinent activity.

Article 6

As part of the commitment to transparency, both parties must disclose information relating to lobbying activities what interests are being represented and at what level and on whose behalf, as well as the financial and human resources dedicated to these activities.

INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE / INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA hereby declares its registration in the EU transparency register, operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission (number in the register: 184017945022-94).

Article 7

This Agreement shall not create binding obligations under either domestic or international law.

Article 8

This Agreement is based on a goodwill agreement and does not obligate either Party to provide any funds to the other Party.

Article 9

This Letter is valid for two years from the date of its signature.

Upon the expiry it can be extended to a further period subject to the consent of Both Parties.

Either party may, with two months written notice, terminate the Agreement.

Article 10

This Agreementt will become effective on the date of signature and is done in duplicate in the English language.

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