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INSTITUT DE DIPLOMATIE PUBLIQUE / INSTITUTO DE DIPLOMACIA PUBLICA is an independent organization that acts as a platform for collaboration in the field of public diplomacy.

Our core purpose is to advance public diplomacy, by bringing academics at all stages of their career together from across the world to share ideas, publish research and grow networks.

The Institute is looking for freelance scholars/teachers/professors who are interested to help us with establishing new curriculums based on distance education in any field of their specialty:

Cultural diplomacy

Economic diplomacy

Social diplomacy

Municipal diplomacy

Health diplomacy

Sports diplomacy


Normally our lecturers are juggling daily their lecturing duties and their own research with volunteering to support Public Diplomacy.

Institut de diplomatie publique

Our goal is to provide free of charge education for Africa, Asia and less privileged migrants around the world, therefore the Institute needs voluntary scholars who are willing to teach and mentor people from the developing nations, and through this way helping the poor nations develop through academic knowledge and skill.

As a volunteer lecturer, you will share aspects of traditions, youth culture or geography of your home country.

These lectures will usually last between 15 minutes to one hour each and will be conducted in Spanish, English or French during Public Diplomacy classes for Institute students.

Students get the opportunity to practice their skills and expand their knowledge of the world.

We form global alliances with professors, students, nonprofits, academic departments, and dedicated professionals to spread relevant data, information, ideas, and research to further the study of teaching.

Job Specifications


Masters/PhD from a university

Topic expertise in: culture, public diplomacy, development.

If you are a Ph.D. candidate or intending to be a candidate, you may use this opportunity of volunteer lecturing as an internship project.

The main purpose of this role is to commit to teaching adults .

Volunteer Lectures will have to prepare all didactic and reading material in advance to send to students a PDF-book that will be created by Institute. Online-classes will take place from over two weeks. Lectures will instruct small cohorts of 5-10 students .

They may also be asked to participate in teacher training, take part in workshops with local instructors, and take on some administrative tasks.

Job duties and responsibilities include:

Teach to our students (PD program)

Develop teaching materials

Impart teaching skills and expert knowledge on the subject to local staff

Prepare and conduct assessment tasks

Contribute to the development of the PD platform

Applications procedure

To apply please email us with your CV and teaching statement.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a WhatsApp or in person interview.

Please note that filling this form doesn't imply any commitment from your side to participate as a lecturer, you can voluntarily choose if and when to commit to any lecture.

Prior to your guest lecture, you will receive a training by an educational specialist together with other internationals. During this one time training session, you will learn how to make your lesson plan interactive and suitable for our audience. We connect you with experienced volunteers to let you know what to expect.

Download PDF • 32KB

You may direct informal inquiries to: Dr. O.Weretelnik (info@institut.uk)

Please quote 'Inquiry: Lecturer" in the subject line.



Guidelines for Lecturers - Recording and uploading eLearning Videos

We do not recommend online lecturing through the zoom.

The Lecturer can record the lecture using a video recording application and upload it to our website.

Follow the following technical guidelines when you conduct lectures online.

Record your lectures using a video recorder.

If you use Microsoft Windows, you can use the default Windows Camera and QuickTime player gives apple users to record videos from the web camera.

Edit your videos by removing spaces and split those into small clips around 5-10 minutes.

You can use open-source video editing tools such as OpenShot, Shotcut to edit your videos.

Compress your videos before uploading to the website, using a video compression tool and keep the size of the video as small as possible.


See also

Volunteer professor

The Institut values volunteer professors as important partners in research and education.

They play a significant role in the mission to transform public diplomacy.

Volunteer professors are community volunteers who conduct research in various areas.

The appointment constitutes a valuable way to utilize a volunteer’s interest on a non-salaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching and research.

Appointees must contribute significantly to Institut programs.

The appointments are not used for political or honorary purposes.

Appointees in this series must contribute annually by participating in teaching and research.

Volunteer professor appointments receive no compensation.

An advanced degree is required.

Other skills may include policy expertise, significant public service, community leadership and collaborative research. Based on experience, volunteer clinical faculty are appointed at the rank of instructor, assistant, associate or full professor.