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Volunteer Professor

The Volunteer Professor is an important partner in education at the Institute.

public diplomacy / Institut de diplomatie publique

The Volunteer Professor is a board-certified professional who plays a significant role in advancing Institut’s mission to transform public diplomacy.

Being a Volunteer Professor is a valuable way to engage on a part-time, non-salaried, voluntary basis in the areas of teaching, system-change research and expertise.

Duties and responsibilities include:

Please refer to the Policy for Volunteer Professors.


The process of being considered for an affiliate or volunteer faculty appointment consists of submitting an appointment application which includes the following:

Once your application is submitted (, the Institute will review the application for preliminary approval. If criteria is met, an appointment agreement letter will be generated for your review and signature. The agreement letter is contingent upon successful review and final approval from Director.

For frequently asked questions regarding the appointment process, check out our FAQ page.






Thank you!

We couldn’t do this without you!

See also:

Guidelines for Lecturers - Recording and uploading e-Learning Videos

We do not recommend online lecturing through the zoom.

The Lecturer can record the lecture using a video recording application and upload it to our website.

Follow the following technical guidelines when you conduct lectures online.

Record your lectures using a video recorder.

If you use Microsoft Windows, you can use the default Windows Camera and QuickTime player gives apple users to record videos from the web camera.

Edit your videos by removing spaces and split those into small clips around 5-10 minutes.

You can use open-source video editing tools such as OpenShot, Shotcut to edit your videos.

Compress your videos before uploading to the website, using a video compression tool and keep the size of the video as small as possible.



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